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In addition to our vast experience in insurance law, Pearl Schneider Young LLC has extensive experience in civil litigation in various venues. Our experience includes litigation in aviation, commercial, construction, premises liability, professional liability and product liability cases.

We have handled commercial disputes, including breach-of-contract claims and alleged violations of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, along with claims of fraud, misrepresentation, civil conspiracy, and breach of fiduciary duties. We have also successfully defended against claims of construction defects; and our lawyers have defended manufacturers of prescription medications, medical devices, and household products.

Pearl Schneider Young's approach to litigation is cost-competitive, and our client's goals are our paramount concern. In taking on any case or matter, we take time at the outset to understand our client's problem and objectives. We then consider the array of available options and plan a legal strategy, keeping in mind that litigation should solve problems, not create them. We then aggressively seek closure, as defined by our client's objectives.

We ensure that our client's goals are being achieved by carefully evaluating our work and focusing on strategies that advance the matter toward those goals. To this end, we:

  • Evaluate the possible forums for resolution of a dispute, including considering the possibility of removal to a new forum or various forms of alternative dispute resolution.
  • Attend to the pros and cons of motion practice in the early stages of a case.
  • Make considered discovery recommendations.
  • Offer thoughtful recommendations on expert witnesses where appropriate.
  • Provide case-management tools and formats that maximize the use of our staff under attorney supervision.
  • Offer cost-management recommendations that balance our client's budgetary concerns with our professional duty to provide first-rate representation.

Although we are prepared to take a case through trial and appeal, we are also aware of the potential costs of litigation - even to a party that ultimately prevails. Pearl Schneider's lawyers have obtained favorable and cost-effective resolutions through negotiation and mediation, and we are well versed in the laws governing arbitration as well as the process itself. We have litigated questions concerning the scope of arbitration agreements and have advised clients concerning the drafting and enforceability of such agreements, as well as the pros and cons of arbitration versus litigation.